Muslim woman removed from Donald Trump rally for performing silent protest

The 56-year-old woman claims the crowd got abusive as she was removed

Rose Hamid stood in silent protest at a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina on Friday night. 

The 56-year-old woman attended the rally because she believed that most of Trump's supporters had never actually met a Muslim in real life.

Shortly after her removal, Hamid was interviewed by CNN, and that video can be watched below:

Soon after the incident, National Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Nihad Awad, a leading Muslim civil liberties group, called on Trump to apologize:

“The image of a Muslim woman being abused and ejected from a political rally sends a chilling message to American Muslims and to all those who value our nation’s traditions of religious diversity and civic participation."

"Donald Trump should issue a public apology to the Muslim woman kicked out of his rally and make a clear statement that American Muslims are welcome as fellow citizens and as participants in the nation’s political process.”

via CNN