Introducing the 'Sperm Switch', a new form of male contraceptive

The device will separate sperm from semen at the source

A German inventor has created a new form of male contraception and is currently sourcing financial backers.

Clemens Bimek has introduced the Bimek SLV, which is effectively a "sperm switch" that stops sperm from mixing with semen at the source during ejaculation.

Unlike a vasectomy, which closes off sperm tubes entirely, the SLV allows the user to block and unblock the sperm tubes at their will, with blocked sperm simply being absorbed back into the body.

A half-hour long operation will involve a valve being placed on each of the sperm ducts, which can be toggled through the skin on the scrotum.

At the moment, the SLV has not been officially approved, with 25 men due to undergo testing with the device this year.

Bimek are hoping to raise €5 million via online crowdfunding, and more information on the device can be found on the company's official website.