New Central Bank Governor to review mortgage rules in Summer

Philip Lane says the rules could be tightened or relaxed as a result of his review

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Updated 09.15

The Central Bank is due to review its new mortgage rules in the summer.

The regulations, introduced last September, have had a particular impact on first-time buyers.

They limit mortgage lending to three and a half times a person's salary and changed deposit rules, which has had a particular impact on first-time buyers, especially around Dublin.

Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers told Newstalk's Breakfast the Central Bank may not make any changes to the rules when it carries out its assessment, but he says the rules have had an impact on the housing crisis:

"If you say to someone three and a half times income at a time of very low interest rates, at a time of rising rents and high tax, then really what you are doing is forcing them to stay in the rented sector.

That has caused - as a knock-on effect - more people competing for rental houses, rental prices to go up, investors are getting out of the sector - that creates more scarcity.

They got rid of bedsits - that creates more homelessness because the low end of the market is then compressed."

Newstalk's Business Editor Vincent Wall told Breakfast the timing is right for a Summer review: