Modular homes for Dublin's homeless delayed by protests and bad weather

Protesters blocked the entrance to the site at Poppintree last November

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Building work starts on the site where Dublin City Council has entered into a contract with Western Building Systems to provide 22 modular homes on a site in Poppintree, Ballymun | Image:

The 22 modular homes to be built by Dublin City Council as emergency accommodation for homeless people will not be finished until at least the middle of this month.

The homes were originally due to be completed by Christmas, but - according to the contractor - poor weather and protests at the site led to delays.

Protestors had blocked the entrance to the site at Poppintree, amid fears that the project would impact on plans for social housing in the area.

Mike Allen is the director of advocacy at Focus Ireland.

He says it meant 22 families were left without their emergency accommodation.

"It isn't entirely down to those protesters because it runs into other problems, which I wouldn't have the details about - bad weather and so on," he told Newstalk Breakfast.

"But the first thing that slowed the whole process down was a small number of people decided, for reasons that were never particularly clear, that they were against this".

"And they thought that their right to be against it trumped the right of the 22 families to have decent emergency accommodation over Christmas," he added.