Best of the Box: Heard of Making a Muderer? We can almost guarantee that you have

Tom Dunne and Sue Murphy bring you the best of the box this week

Not quite sure of what the best picks of the box are for this week? Or will you regret that you didn't record something during the week when everyone is suddenly talking about it?

Fear not, Tom Dunne has you covered.

Sue Murphy joined Tom to pick out the best of the box this week and there really is a lot of great TV picks.

Pick of the Week

Operation Transformation, RTE1, Wednesday, 8.30pm

The central idea of this programme is that five leaders, picked because of their stories and struggles, inspire people around the country to join them in their diet and exercise plan so that a national movement towards healthiness is created.

This year’s expert panel are fitness coach Karl Henry; principal clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy; dietitian and Healthy Ireland Council member Aoife Hearne and general practitioner Dr Ciara Kelly.

Other picks

Victorian Bakers, Tuesday, BBC2, 8pm 
New series. Four bakers leave their businesses behind to experience what their profession was like during the Victorian era, working from a rural bake house kitted out exactly as it would have been in the 1830s, while historians Alex Langlands and Annie Gray fill in the background story. In this edition the bakers must get to grips with centuries-old methods of bread making, and that means doing everything by hand.

The Age of Loneliness, Thursday, BBC1, 10.35pm

Eighteen months ago, a survey found Britain to be the `loneliness capital of Europe'. It seems the problem is so widespread it is now seen as a major health issue.

Film-maker Sue Bourne travels the country to find people brave enough to talk about how loneliness affects their lives, from a teenage student and a divorcee to a 40-year-old singleton and a 100-year-old, and considers how the problem needs tackling as the number of people living alone continues to rise.

Bill is just one of those men who are on their own.

Clerys, RTE Player

On June 12 last year, iconic O'Connell Street department store Clerys closed its doors for the last time, with 460 staff losing their jobs. This documentary looks back at the history of the store and follows the lives of former employees Maurice Bracken and Gerry Markey over a six-month period as they try to come to terms with Clerys' closure.

Film of the Week

Amy, Friday, Channel 4, 9pm 

The story of Amy Winehouse in her own words, featuring unseen archival footage and unheard tracks. An incredible documentary and a heartbreaking story, this is definitely one to check out.