Farm deaths are down, but it is still the most dangerous occupation

18 people lost their lives in farming accidents last year, four of them children.

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Pictured is the Hillsborough farm in Northern Ireland where rugby player Nevin Spence (22) lost his life in a slurry pit in 2012. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison) 

The number of farm deaths fell by 40% in 2015, but it remains Ireland's most dangerous occupation.

18 people lost their lives while working in agriculture last year, compared with 30 in 2014.

The victims included three children: a two-year-old child from Cork, a four-year-old child from Mayo and an eight-year-old child from Galway.

A teenager from Carlow was also among the dead. The 16-year-old was killed when the trailer he was traveling in overturned in a water-logged ditch.

Overall 55 people died in work-related incidents in 2015 according to workplace fatality figures from the Health and Safety Authority.

11 people died working in construction while five from the fishing sector were killed.

Incidents involving vehicles were the main cause of fatal accidents, accounting for 21 deaths overall.

Cork, Donegal and Galway recorded the highest numbers of workplace fatalities.