Gardaí search for man who threatened to slash Cork taxi driver’s throat on Christmas morning

The taxi driver spoke to Jonathan Healy on Lunchtime today

Gardaí are currently looking for a man who threatened to slash a taxi driver’s throat during a robbery on Christmas morning.

Suleman Ahmed, who became an Irish citizen after moving from Pakistan over a decade ago, suffered defensive wounds to his right hand during the incident.

Mr Ahmed spoke to Jonathan Healy on Lunchtime today about the incident and how he picked up the fare.

He told Jonathan: "I got a feeling, something is wrong.

"The worst I was thinking that time would be he would just run away with the fare, or might be he would just punch me from the back, I wasn't even ready for that. (sic)

Suleman went on to say he felt threatened and told his passenger that he had to get out of the car because he had another fare.

He continued: "When I was looking in the mirror, he just took the knife, he come from the right and just put it on my throat.

"It was lucky, I just put my hand on the knife, I just grabbed the knife."

Mr Ahmed said that the passenger asked for a 100 euro and that he would give him the money but refused to hand over the knife.

The passenger then asked Mr Ahmed to hand everything over, took all the money and then left the car after Mr Ahmed said he could no longer drive.

After the passenger left, Mr Ahmed was brought to hospital by his friends.

You can listen to his interview here: