Central Statistics Office to employ 4,600 for census 2016

April census will gather information about the population post-recession

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Photo via CSO on Twitter

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The Central Statistics Office is looking to recruit 4,600 people to distribute and collect forms for this year's census.

The application process is open from today until Friday.

The successful applicants will be required to hand out forms ahead of this year's census, which takes place on the 24th of April.

Each enumerator will earn approximately €2,400 over a ten week period.

Enumerators are paid a fixed fee for the delivery and collection of census forms in their area along with fixed allowances for training, home storage, Sunday working, terminal bonus and travel. 

Deirdre Cullen from the CSO, told Newstalk.com what will be involved in the job: "The type of skills we are looking for is a mix of what we call hard and soft skills. So we are looking for people who can represent the CSO, be the public face of the CSO, hand deliver forms to householders, assist householders who have any questions.

But also people who can follow instructions, read maps, do summarisations of the number of houses in their area at the end of the day".

Fourth time ennumerator Maura O'Donovan says it has always been a positive experience for her: 

"I mean there are people who, when they come around to the door at first, they don't want to do it. And you say to them 'look, it's once every five years, you are actually legally obliged to do it, and it is your civic duty'. But you do it because the country needs information like this... You say you do have to do it, and usually at that stage then they will usually do it."

Applications will be taken online between Tuesday 5th and Friday 8th January or when the number of applicants reaches 15,000.


The last census was held on Sunday 10th April 2011, when the population was clocked at 4,588,252.