Freak blizzard kills over 15,000 dairy cows in Texas

Winter Storm Goliath is to blame for the mass deaths

A freak blizzard across Texas and New Mexico has resulted in over 15,000 cattle being killed in the harsh conditions.

The sudden nature of Winter Storm Goliath meant that farmers did not have sufficient time to bring their cattle in from the grazing fields.

Strong winds coupled with falling temperatures resulted in snow drifts as high as fourteen feet, which forced the animals into corners of their enclosures were they ultimately suffocated.

Farmers fear that local rendering plants will be unable to deal with the high number of dead cattle, which leads to safety issues regarding their carcasses.

Added to the high death toll, most cows are milked twice a day. With these cows not being milked for over two days, it affects the animal's milking process, and can cause them to dry up.

This will likely affect production for over the next year, with the region currently enduring Winter Storm Goliath responsible for 40% of Texas' milk production.

With the storm not yet over, local officials are estimating the death toll for the cattle to raise as high as 30,000.