January's Book of the Month: 'The Good Liar'

The 'Pat Kenny Show' Book Club will be taking on Nicholas Searle's debut novel

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With January’s short and unforgiving days upon us, and the need to stay in and avoid spending money a task we all need to grapple with, it’s the perfect time of the year to consider boiling the kettle, turning on the heat, and curling up with a great read. And for that, The Pat Kenny Show’s Book Club, in association with Eason, is back to tempt you with a new book for the new year.

This month’s pick, selected by Pat himself, is the debut novel from Nicholas Searle, a former British civil servant who gave up his career in 2011 to focus on writing full time.

The Good Liar weaves together a clever narrative focusing on Roy, a con man living in a leafy English suburb, and about to pull off his ultimate grift, a coup de grâce that should set him up for the rest of his life. He is going to meet and woo a beautiful woman and leave her high and dry as he absconds with her life savings.

Just who is the man behind the con and what has he had to do to survive this life of lies? And why is this beautiful woman so willing to be his next victim?

The first Eason Book Club of 2015 will take place on The Pat Kenny Show on Thursday 28th January with Brian Kennedy, Mary O’Rourke and Katherine Lynch.