WATCH: "It was special and we knew it" - Star Wars crew praise Skellig Michael

The new film is course to sink Titanic's box office record

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Image: YouTube/discoverireland

It's not in a galaxy far, far away - but it is getting universal coverage.

The director and crew of the new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' film have explained why they used Skellig Michael as part of the new picture.

Production designer Rick Carter stumbled across a picture of the island - which he then e-mailed to director JJ Abrams.

The rest is 'Star Wars' history.

While the film itself continues to break records.

It is predicted 'The Force Awakens' will soon sink Titanic's record to become the highest-grossing movie ever in Britain.

It has now made just over €127m since it opened at cinemas just before Christmas.

And Discover Ireland is also cashing in on the franchise - including this latest behind-the-scenes video: