"It just wasn't a democratic structure" - Lucinda Creighton on Fine Gael

The Renua leader says the policies and manifestos of her former party were put together by "paid advisors, gurus, spin doctors and focus groups"

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Lucinda Creighton. Image: RollingNews.ie

Lucinda Creighton says Fine Gael was an undemocratic party and she does not miss it.

The Renua Ireland leader left the party after voting against the Protection of Life During Pregnancy legislation.

Enda Kenny has now promised a free vote in the next Dáil if the 8th Amendment issue is to be dealt with.

However Lucinda Creighton says Fine Gael is a chapter in her life that is now firmly closed, and she doesn't miss the party.

"I was a TD since 2007, and I was also a member of the National Board for many years. It just wasn't a democratic structure," she said.

"TDs had no input in to manifesto writing or policy formulation - it was all done by paid advisors, gurus, spin doctors and focus groups," she added.

Deputy Creighton also explained that her new party is looking forward, and they are excited about the upcoming election.