Oil-rig evacuated after man is killed by huge wave

Storm Frank causing havoc in the North Sea

Stormy weather in the North Sea's prompted evacuations from oil rigs.

Its already been reported that one person has died and two others have been injured on the Valhall oil-platform, owned by a Chinese firm.

Huge waves caused by Storm Frank have battered several oil-rig and oil-platforms instillations in the area.

A tug-boat is currently tattempting to gain control of a barge that broke its anchor and began drifting towards the same Valhall oil-rig.

The company's director Olav Fjellsa commented on the situation:

 All 71 employees were removed from the site.

The random weather patterns within Storm Frank means they cannot predict the trajectory of the rogue barge.

To that end, both of the nearby Eldfisk and Embla rigs have also been emptied, with all 145 employees evacuated.