President Higgins signs International Protection Bill into law

The Bill aims to simplify the application process for asylum seekers, and was rushed through the Oireachtas and Seanad

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A bill to overhaul the asylum system has been signed into law by President Higgins.

The International Protection Act will now become law, after the President yesterday summoned the Council of State to discuss its legality.

The President was concerned about whether the law was in breach of the constitution, by redefining the family and by allowing the state to stop families of asylum seekers from reuniting.

However, he has today decided not to refer the bill to the Supreme Court and has signed it into law.

Yesterday's meeting of the Council of State was only the second to take place since President Higgins was elected four years ago.

The only other Council of State meeting called by President Higgins was in relation to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.