Dundalk woman warns of potential danger from Japanese Akita dogs after brutal mauling

Mother of three Olivia Donnelly says she only managed to escape from the attack by playing dead

File photo. Image: Craig Ruttle / AP/Press Association Images

File photo. Image: Craig Ruttle / AP/Press Association Images

A mother of three from Co Louth is warning people to be aware of the danger of Japanese Akita dogs - after she was brutally mauled by one.

Olivia Donnelly from Dundalk was repeatedly attacked by her late father's Akita dog, Bran, over a two hour period.

She says the puppies may look like teddy bears - but the reality can be very different.

She said Bran attacked her without provocation, and went straight for her arm.

Speaking to Pat Kenny this morning, Olivia said she only managed to escape by playing dead.

"I just kept crawling, and any time I tried to get up then he'd give me a big bite and come in and maul me again. Then I'd try again to play dead" she explained.

"When I eventually did drag myself to the back door, the police and all that were there. God help the poor police woman, I think she's in total shock - she's been here to see me a couple of times," she added.

Olivia was told that if she had have been out in the yard for twenty minutes longer, she would have bled to death. She has been left with no feeling at the bottom of her legs, and will never get it back, while it will take 18 months before she is able to use her arm again.

Bran was put down following the incident.

Olivia warned listeners that anybody buying a dog that could be dangerous should know what they are getting into, "and when they do target there's absolutely nobody [who] could do anything".