"The idea of unmeltable chocolate isn't very appealing" - Paper Review

Sarah Bardon and Kieran Cuddihy take a look inside today's newspapers...

Sarah Bardon, Political Editor of the Irish Times, joined Kieran Cuddihy in studio for a look at Tuesday's papers.

A story from Sarah herself makes the front page of today's Irish Times, reporting that the Government has identified 26 locations that will house the 4,000 refugees Ireland has agreed to take in.

Sarah said, "Minister Fitzgerald was reluctant to give the exact locations, because they're still trying to assess the suitability of the locations and whether or not they'll be fit to home families together.

"She did that when they advertised for locations, 90 sites were identified, but only these 26 were deemed suitable. She did make the point that we don't want refugees homed in sort of gymnasium type places, or families stripped apart" she added.

On a very different subject, The Telegraph reports that a 'non-melting' variety of chocolate has been invented - or more specifically melts at a temperature four degrees higher than normal chocolate.

Observing that the chocolate won't melt in you mouth, Kieran wondered "is there any point?"

Sarah suggested "the idea of unmeltable chocolate isn't very appealing... the best thing about chocolate is when you dip it into your tea and it melts".

The Irish Examiner and the Irish Independent, meanwhile, both cover the story that a team of Irish scientists has made a breakthrough discovery about the genetics of our ancient ancestors.

For more on these stories and more, you can listen back to the full paper review below: