Five stories you might have missed from the weekend

Russian military responds to Syria allegations; value of Lego increasing at higher rate than gold; and Radiohead's take on a James Bond theme...

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Image: Irish Defence Forces

Here's everything you need to know from the world of news and sport this weekend.

Irish Navy rescued over 8,500 from Mediterranean this year

The Irish Navy has revealed it rescued more than 8,500 people from the Mediterranean Sea this year.

Three Irish ships were sent to help rescue efforts in the region in 2015, with the last, the LÉ Samuel Beckett, arriving home just before Christmas.

As part of the PONTUS operation, and working with the Italian Marine Rescue Co-Ordination Centre, Irish vessels took aboard 8,631 people. 39 bodies were also recovered.

Jon Walters reveals he played against Bosnia while battling a throat and ear infection

Ireland are headed to Euro 2016, thanks in large part to the goals of Jonathan Walters (and Shane Long, of course) but in a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times, he revealed that he was battling illness when he stole the show at the Aviva Stadium. 

His penalty and back post volley stamped the passports for the rest of the Ireland squad, and he put in a man of the match performance as he also got through a huge amount of defensive work.

Speaking to Jonathan Northcroft, he revealed that he was struggling physically during the game and had been battling illness in the run up to the match. 

Russian military says it has "never hit civilian targets" in Syria

A Russian war plane, foreground, taxies past two two others at Hemeimeem airbase, Syria. Image: Vladimir Isachenkov / AP/Press Association Images

The Russian military says it has not hit civilian targets in Syria since it first started its bombing campaign three months ago.

A senior Russian officer said Russian pilots were so well-trained they "never missed their targets".

It came after a report from Amnesty International earlier this week which claimed Russian airstrikes had killed hundreds of civilians - so many it could amount to a war crime.

The value of Lego is currently increasing at a higher rate than gold

The savvy investor out there is either thinking about putting their money into property or gold, but those in the know are opting for Lego.

Some Lego sets are increasing in value at a rate of 12% per annum since the turn of the millennium, compared to gold which has risen at an average of 9.6% a year.

Radiohead release their alternative theme song for 'Spectre'

Radiohead have revealed their take on a James Bond theme tune, by releasing their interpretation of a title song for the latest film Spectre online.

Writing on their website, the band says they were asked to write a song for the recent blockbuster - emphasising 'yes we were', perhaps acknowledging themselves that an experimental rock band is not the most obvious fit for 007.

However the band goes on to say "it didn't work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it".