Newsmakers 2015: Rory O'Neill, aka Panti Bliss, on the marriage-equality referendum

"That divide is so much smaller now, all that has shrunk."

This week and next George Hook is looking back on the newsmakers in 2015 – and he started off by speaking with one of the most influential figures in Irish life in 2015, Rory O’Neill, aka Panti Bliss.

George and Rory looked back not just on the referendum, but also on Rory’s early life, living with HIV, and capping the year with admitted he has a deep fascination with Rory’s art form - the drag queen.

“I’m so interested in drag queens and female impersonators, I really am, probably because I used steal underwear from my friend’s mother’s closets when I was a kid, so who knows if things had been different you could have been interviewing me and I could have been doing a show – I just think my feet were too big for the stilettos," George said.

To which Rory could only reply - “I’m just going to write that quote down.”

And there was plenty more besides, including George telling Rory “I often thought that if I were gay, I somehow thought ... if I was gay I think I’d fancy you more as Panti than more as Rory.”