WATCH: The last 2015 Christmas advert designed to tug at your heartstrings

Had enough of greying men and greying cats, a snowman might just be what you need

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If anything, advertising big wigs, perhaps with the exception of Mog the cat, decided long about that this festive season would be scheming of a white-haired Christmas, with grandfathers seen as the go-to figure of pity to rouse our sympathies and trick us into splurging. We’ve had ones on the moon, ones messing around with mannequins, and ones pretending they were dead, for the yuletide lols, like.

But now, right at the last minute, one final cutesy Christmas advert has come to tug on your heartstrings, and there’s not a male pensioner in sight.

Created for a cinema chain, Lily and the Snowman tells the story of a young girls and the magical cinematic friendship she forms with the frosty pal she rustles up in the back garden. Their bond begins to fade as she gets older, until a series of mishaps causes her to remember the subzero buddy from years past and go investigating.

Clearly playing homage to The Snowman, the 1982 animation adapted from the Raymond Briggs’ book of the same name, the short advert is a timely and warm reminder to spend time with the people you love this Christmas.

Check out the short below: