US school in lockdown after 'Star Wars' fan threatens shooting over spoilers

The 18-year-old claimed he would shoot a friend with a Colt 1911, though it turned out to be a BB gun

US school in lockdown after 'Star Wars' fan threatens shooting over spoilers

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

It’s been a tough week for people trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers, and it’s fair to say if you were unsuccessful, the rage felt could probably be discerned in planets a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. But threatening to shoot a friend is probably not the best way to handle it.

Arthur Charles Roy, 18, of Helena, Montana, happened across some of the plot details of The Force Awakens when a friend posted them on Facebook last Thursday, and while that friend is more of a foe in the long run, Roy probably should have tried to resist the dark side and refrain from sending the spoiler poster a picture of him holding a gun and threatening to shoot him at school the next day.

Roy reportedly wrote in his message that the gun was a Colt 1911 with a “hair trigger,” and understandably spooked, the person who posted the spoilers told the administrative staff at his school, who quickly made the decision to lock it down.

Afraid that Roy would turn up, guns blazing, the next morning, the school closed and he was arrested early this morning. In the official charging documents, it’s claimed that Roy’s mother wanted police officers to explain why they were bothering to arrest him, since the firearm in the photo was actually a pellet gun, not a lethal weapon.

Meanwhile, Roy remains in jail and will only get out after posting $10,000 (€9,135), as it turns out threatening to shoot people while pretending to be arms is a serious crime.