Pull up to the bumper, baby: You can now pay for driving lessons with sex in the Netherlands

But the scheme is only legal if it is offered by the driving instructor, not the student

Pull up to the bumper, baby: You can now pay for driving lessons with sex in the Netherlands


Good news for the people of Amsterdam who are adults, aesthetically pleasing, and wish to learn how to drive an automobile. Or if you happen to be a Dutch driving instructor with an insatiable libido, as the government in the Netherlands capital have declared it is entirely legal, but also certainly “undesirable,” to pay for driving lessons with sex.

USA Today reports that the issue came to a head when Transport Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen and Justice Minister Ard van der Steur decided to answer a legal issue raised from an official about whether bartering sex for driving instructions amounted to prostitution. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, but is a highly regulated industry subjected to strict taxation laws, and it is the grey area surrounding the taxes involved that led to the issues being discussed at all.

After considering the matter, the two cabinet ministers are of the position that exchanging sex for tips on reversing around a corner is perfectly legal, provided all parties are over the age of 18. Furthermore, the sex must only be requested as a payment option by the instructor, the student cannot offer it first, which would therefore make the transaction prostitution, in Dutch law.

Were the student to offer the sex act first, the transaction works as follows: the sex act is considered, in the eyes of the law, to be the product and the driving instruction is the payment. If the driving instructor offers it as a payment possibility, the lesson is the product, and the sex counts as the transaction fee.

In a letter to parliament, the two ministers’ summed up their decision as follows:

“It’s not about offering sexual activities for remuneration, but offering a driving lesson. It is important that the initiative lies with the driving instructor, and focuses on offering a driving lesson, with the payment provided in sexual acts. When a sexual act offered in lieu of financial payment, that is prostitution.”

Dutch media now believes that other independent service-industry jobs may also soon seek to be included in this payment option scheme, including plumbers, electricians, and pizza delivery personnel, meaning that 2016 may well be the year that classic pornography set-ups become real life in the Netherlands.