WATCH: A live-feed of Santa's progress as he travels around the world

NORAD have pulled out all the stops to keep an eye on Mister Claus

WATCH: A live-feed of Santa's progress as he travels around the world


All the elves have done their work, everything has been wrapped, and Santa is well on his way.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have set up a special 3D map which shows the current position of Santa as he travels the globe.

The map also shows the last major city or town Santa visited, where he's heading to next, and how many million, hundreds of millions, or billions of presents he's delivered so far.

If you'd like to see where in the world Santa is right now, you can head to the official NORAD Santa Tracker website.

Meanwhile, Captain Sean McCarthy of the Irish Air Corp has told us that he's keeping the radars in tip-top shape to make sure that there's nothing going to slow down Santa's entry into Irish airspace.

He added that "Santa's sleigh will pass over Ireland at about 5.20pm and on board there's an advanced party of elves. Their job is to complete the naughty or nice list [...] and that's the last chance for all the boys and girls out there to get on the nice list". 

Santa himself had a few words to say on his predicted route when he's travelling across Ireland, with mathematicians predicting that he will be delivering around 50,000 gifts per minute over those 24 hours of travelling the world: "I'll be starting off in the east of the country, coming in around Wexford Waterford direction," said Santa, before adding that he would finish his route in Donegal where "they're always very good about leaving out the cookies and the carrots for Rudolph". 

Also, for all those kids (and adults) who might be interested in what the right time is that we should all be getting up tomorrow morning for opening our presents, Santa added that he should have all his work finished by about 7.30am.