"Chris' Christmas jumper is a kind of dirty blue" - The Newspaper Review

Chris and guest presenter Norah Owen gave a run down of this morning's papers

The surprise announcement this week that The Beatles' back catalogue would be streamed on services this week caught Newstalk Breakfast presenter Chris Donoghue's eye.

In 2010, the company that manages the library allowed it to be made available on iTunes, but they have always resisted joining any other service.

That changed last night, and you can now get the Fab Four's hits on Spotify and Apple Music.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Times features a picture of an elaborate Christmas tree and a poem on its front page.

In terms of news, it is leading with: "Varadkar to push ahead with cheap alcohol ban".

Also in the Times, President D Higgins' convening of the Council of State over the issue of asylum legislation. They will meet on December 29.

The Irish Examiner also leads with: "Drink pricing plan suffers setback".

In The Irish Independent: "Slab terror court here to stay Adams warned", that warning from the Justice Minister.

Also on the front: "Senator defends using taxpayers money to print 73,000 calendars".

The Herald: "Dwyer prison book fears".

The Irish Sun: "Lover dumps sacked postman".

The Star: "Teacher drops dead days after giving birth".

The Mirror: "Mother has first heart and lung swap in Ireland".

The Irish Daily Mail: "Christmas exodus begins" - that paper saying it will be the busiest December 24th ever on our roads.

In the news this morning:

The British 3-year-old girl who won a bravery award for calling emergency services after her pregnant mother fell down the stairs.

Emma was able to tell a dispatcher that her mum was pregnant, but breathing and that she was helping her by giving her cuddles while talking to the ambulance service.

She has since welcomed a new baby brother, though she corrected the dispatcher who said Santa must be bringing that for her for Christmas - "No, my Mummy is bringing the baby" she said.

The United States uses more electricity on its Christmas lights than most developing countries do in an entire year.

The Irish Times has: "Nothing says Christmas quite like an Irish sausage", the story of an Irish-American entrepreneur who has been imported food products for Christmas hampers.

Madonna has had to go to court to get son Rocco to come home for Christmas. The court said he must travel to her house in New York for the holidays, even if he doesn't want to.

Finally, Norah Owens take on Chris' "subtle" get-up this morning: "Chris is wearing a very discreet Christmas jumper... they look like little crystals of ice running across his chest as part of this dirty blue jumper he is wearing".

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