IBEC subscriptions rise as profits fall

The group will review claims that it accessed protected ISME contact details to recruit members for the Small Firms Association

The business representative group IBEC, recorded pre-tax losses of €564,000 in 2014, following restructuring charges of more than €850,000.

The organisation’s revenues rose by about €500,000 or 3% during the year to €17.8m.

Subscriptions from members which rose by €359,000 - the group provides services to its 7,500 member companies.

Newstalk understands that IBEC Director General, Danny McCoy has agreed to undertake a review of claims by rival organisation ISME, that IBEC and or its subsidiary body, the Small Firms Association, had gained unauthorised access to ISME’s password-protected Members’ Directory and had sought to recruit ISME members using the unauthorised data.

The Chief Executive of ISME, Mark Fielding, has written to the Director General of IBEC, Danny McCoy accusing IBEC or the Small Firms Association, of unauthorised access to ISME’s online Directory of Members, and of using that information to try to recruit ISME members to the SFA.

Some 50 ISME members said they had been contacted by the rival Small Firms Association, on contact details that were held on the ISME Members’ Directory.