Busboy who returned $3000 he found at diner gets a big Christmas reward

Johnny Duckworth found an envelope of cash lying on the floor of his diner

Busboy who returned $3000 he found at diner gets a big Christmas reward

Randy's Diner, Colorado, where JOhnny Duckworth found an envelope with $3000 cash inside Image: Randy's Diner/Google Maps

A busboy who returned $3,000 in cash he found in the diner where he worked has received a Christmas bonus from well-wishers who have raised nearly three times that sum to reward him.

Johnny Duckworth, known as "Thumper", was working his regular shift at Randy's Southside Diner in Grand Junction, Colorado, when he spotted the envelope lying on the floor.

Regular Darrell Cox had dropped the cash after stopping for breakfast and failed to realise the money was missing when he left.

Mr Duckworth, who has worked at the diner for nine years, immediately handed the money to his boss Randy Emmons, who discovered a pay slip inside and returned it to the bank where Mr Cox had withdrawn it.

Mr Emmons told FOX31 TV: "He walked up to me and said 'boss, I found this envelope, it feels like it has a lot of money in it'.

"And he handed it to me and walked away... and I opened the envelope up and there was 30 $100 bills. I couldn't believe it, I was shocked.

"Right now he's riding his bike back and forth to work, it's winter. And he gets his pay cheque garnished for medical bills he had to have."

After getting the money back, Mr Cox returned to the diner and gave Mr Duckworth $300 and a note on the same envelope which read: "Merry Christmas to a super honest guy."

Mr Duckworth said: "[It was] just laying on the floor, dead as a doorknob just laying there. It's not mine. I work for a living, I make money."

Mr Emmons set up a fundraiser on the GoFundMe website. So far, the site has raised more than $8,500 for "Thumper".