Mother discusses agony of waiting for son's transplant

Sam is 20 months old and the family has been told he is a good year away from a transplant

In the run up to Christmas many families are busy preparing presents and food for Christmas day and the only real concern Christmas Eve is ensuring children get to bed early, but that is not the case for all families.

Chloe Kinahan from Baldoyle, was 15 weeks pregnant when it was discovered her unborn son, Sam, had an obstruction to his urinary system causing his kidneys to be irreparably damaged.

Sam is now 20 months old and recieves peritoneal dialysis five nights a week.

Chloe spoke to Newstalk Lunchtime reporter Nicole O'Connor today about her son's treatment and the fact that he has to wait so long on a transplant.

She stated: "We're... a good year away from a transplant."

"What we want is for Sam to be reasonably tall enough or at the very least, his torso to be reasonably large enough that it can take a full kidney.

"You don't want to be squishing the kidney in there to the detriment of the other organs.

"I struggle with the thoughts of a deceased donor. I don't think it's an easy decision for a family to make at a time of intense grief and I'm so grateful to anybody who would even consider donating their organs."

Chloe also explained Sam's treatment in detail to Nicole. You can listen to her interview here: