Shoplifters will cost retailers €56 million this Christmas

Business group says shoplifters now operate in organised gangs

Shoplifters will cost retailers €56 million this Christmas

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Shoplifting is expected to cost retailers €56 million this Christmas.

Almost three-quarters of all stores around the country are expecting to be hit this season and small businesses are predicted to be worst affected by the losses.

Lobby group ISME says an average of €255 million worth of goods are stolen each year.

Chief Executive Mark Fielding explains why shoplifting has become so prevalent:

"It is no longer something that is opportunistic or random, because what we have now is organised shoplifters who are going around in gangs taking advantage of crowded stores and blending in to the crowds that are out at the moment. And of course there is extra stock on the shelves. Also, there are extra staff who may not be as trained as your regular staff".