Baz Ashmawy confirms there will be a third series of 50 Ways to Kill your Mammy

The Dubliner discussed his new show with Newstalk Breakfast this morning

Baz Ashmawy confirms there will be a third series of 50 Ways to Kill your Mammy

Award Winners for Non-Scripted Entertainment, Baz Ashmawy and Nancy Ashmawy attend the 43rd International Emmy Awards at the New York Hilton Hotel | Image: Charles Sykes / AP/Press Association Images

Baz Ashmawy is on a journey to find and explore his Muslim roots. The Dubliner will conclude his documentary on RTE 2 tonight at 10.05pm with the second episode of Baz: The Lost Muslim.

It marks the end of a remarkable 2015 for the television presenter after recently winning an international Emmy for 50 ways to kill your Mammy.

This morning, he joined Newstalk Breakfast to discuss the show and his journey to discover his roots.

He told presenters Chris Donoghue and Ivan Yates about where he got the idea for The Lost Muslim and his family background. He stated: "My father would have been an Egyptian Muslim. I would have grown up in Cairo, we moved to Dublin, we would have continued a Muslim household. My mother is Roman Catholic.

He continued: "I was born in Libya, in Tripoli.

"She was a nurse, there's good money in nursing in the Middle East. She followed the dollar signs and she ended up there.

"I was born a Muslim.

"Mum and Dad moved back here, they got separated and then after a few years of going to the mosque on my own... I was baptised around 10 or 11."

Despite the fact that he previously claimed the show was finished, when asked about a third season of 50 Ways to Kill your Mammy, Baz commented: "I was on the fence about doing a third one and she's like the Queen. 'Five star hotels, first class, sure why wouldn't I?'

"I'm surprised she can sleep at night she has so much money stuffed in her mattress."

However, he wouldn't give away anything about the new series: "It's kind of developing it, you can't keep doing the same thing. We'll freshen it up a bit and put a new twist on it."

You can listen back to his interview here:

And here's the trailer for the show: