Christmas Day calorie count hits 6,000 - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...

An Irish brother and sister have picked up an entreprenurial award in Australia for bringing deep-fried jam sandwiches to the masses.

The Dolans' product has been slammed by health experts, but queues at their eaterie near Bondi Beach in Sydney are out the door.

Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates had the shocking statistic that the average person eats 6,000 calories on Christmas Day.

On the front pages:

The Irish Independent has "Now Mary-Lou backs 'good republican' Slab".

Also on the front a picture of comedian Brendan O'Carroll and his wife.

The Irish Times has a photograph of a reunited couple kissing at the airport. That finds space alongside: "Minister to review four year wait for divorce".

But their lead story is "Kelly orders reduction in minimum size of flats".

And, staying with the Times: "Memory stick in O'Brien case interfered with, court told".

The Irish Examiner leads with: "Domestic abuse most common at Christmas time".

Also in that paper: "Kelly had doubts on regulating rents - the Minister who went to war on rents had his own doubts on regulating for 12 months".

The Herald has"Twelve faces to watch in 2016", which Yates gleefully pointed out does not include Chris Donoghue.

That paper leads with: "Gang target back in city", that story about Michael Frazer.

The Star: "Sloppy Blues outgunned" and "I forgive Dwyer" - those comments from Darcy Day.

The Irish Daily Mirror  "Paris terror survivors wedding joy" - that is also on the front page of The Irish Daily Mail.

Inside the papers: 

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, writing in The Irish Independent, tells a story from a Christmas childhood. He remembers a gift home-made from plywood during a year when money was not readily available.

In The Examiner, a survey that says while men might think they are better at buying a car than women, women agree! Yates said he would certainly allow his wife to choose her own car.

John Perry could still be added to the Fine Gael ticket in the Sligo/North Leitrim constituency after he took expensive legal action.

Owning a dog will cost you between €15-23,000 over the course of a lifetime, according to The Irish Times. For comparison, it costs €250 to raise a child. Chris Donoghue felt it would certainly be easier to raise a dog.

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