The Evening Top 5: Winter solstice washout; Off the Ball finally go head-to-head

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Winter solstice at Newgrange a washout

The winter solstice has been a bit of a washout at Newgrange this morning.

Rain and clouds dulled the twice yearly light show where sunlight shines through the ancient passage tomb.

Just 16 people won a lottery to gain access to the chamber for the event, which happened at 8.54am.

More than 30,000 people had applied for an invitation.

However, conditions at the passage grave were perfect yesterday. Light can be seen entering the chamber in the days around the actual winter solstice on December 21st.

Radio DJ locks himself in studio in order to blast 'Last Christmas' 24 times in a row

A radio station in Austria received a barrage of complaints after one of its DJs managed to barricade himself inside a studio in order to blast Wham!’s festive hit Last Christmas non-stop on air.

Addressing the morning listeners of Antenne Carinthia, presenter Joe Kohlhofer told the audience that he felt that the Christmas spirit was lacking in the southern Austrian state. To rouse the mood ay 8am, he felt the 30-year-old pop song, in which George Michael laments a St Stephen’s Day turnaround in his romantic dealings with the person to whom he gave his heart, played on loop would do the trick.

And so, Kohlhofer played the song 24 times in a row across the two-hour show.

WATCH: Who's really the fastest one of all from Off The Ball?

The weather wasn't great, fitness levels were not quite Olympic standard, but we persevered with varying degrees of success.

And this year's Off The Ball Goal Mile saw a couple of pre-race grudge matches like Wooly versus Oisin Langan off the back of the 2014 edition and my own personal crusade to finish ahead of Ger Gilroy this time, having only been able to beat the slowest man in the sports department, Nathan Murphy, last year.

As it happened, Nathan trailed in behind again, but it was Cian Murtagh who stole the show with a Usain Bolt-esque demolition of the opposition, while Wooly got revenge on Oisin.

WATCH: Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe last night and it made great live TV

We can only imagine that winning a crown, having it placed on your head and then watching it being taken back off you to be given to someone else wouldn't be the most pleasant experience.

And yet that very thing happened last night... on live TV.

Host Steve Harvey announced the winner of the Miss Universe competition as Miss Columbia, only to realise his mistake, apologise and tell Miss Philippines she was in fact the winner.

It was wonderfully awkward. 

WATCH: UK police release footage of theft which saw over €31,000 stolen from pensioner

Police in England have released footage of a 'distraction theft', which saw stg£23,000 (€31,539) being stolen from an elderly man.

The 93-year-old fell victim to a scam at an ATM in Grantham.

The man was withdrawing some cash in a Natwest bank when he was distracted by one of three suspects, police said in a statement.

They were then able to obtain his bank card and PIN number.