Dublin man found guilty of murdering man while he slept

Trevor Corr admitted stabbing James Humphries, but denied murder

A Dublin man has been found guilty of murdering a young father while he slept in his bed.

Trevor Corr of Kiltalown Way in Tallaght was heard in the background of a 999 call saying he had stabbed him.

The jurors came back to court early this morning to resume their deliberations, and returned with their verdict just over an hour later.

Corr had admitted stabbing James Humphries September 2013, but denied murdering him, claiming he did not mean to kill him.

Just hours after the All-Ireland football final, emergency services received a 999 call from Jason Harte, a security guard at a takeaway across the road from Mr Corr's home.

The emergency call was played for the jury, and the accused could be heard in the background saying: "I stabbed him in the bed".

When asked what had happened, the 39-year-old allegedly asked gardaí: "Would you not stab him if he was lying in your bed?".

Mr Humphries died in hospital less than an hour later. A post mortem revealed he had been stabbed once in the chest.

Corr will now be handed the mandatory life sentence for murder.