"This is another 'Enda-ism'... he feels he has to over-egg the pudding" - Sunday Paper Review

Shane Coleman was joined by Ian O'Doherty, Dr Ciara Kelly and Bernice Harrison for a look at today's papers

For today's Paper Review, Shane was joined by Bernice Harrison of the Irish Times, Irish Independent columnist Ian O'Doherty, and columnist, radio presenter and soon-to-be singing superstar Dr Ciara Kelly.

With 2015 drawing to a close and an election year incoming, today's papers bring yet more reports of Fine Gael promising more tax cuts if they're re-elected.

"The thing that baffles me is they're kind of on the cusp of getting the numbers they need anyway," Ian argued. "So this seems like whether they're trying to copper-fasten it, or whether it's just a cherry on top, or whether they really, really think we're that easily bought.

"Here's the thing: I am that easily bought... I'm like an awful lot of people in my income bracket - I've just been crippled for the last five years... it's soul-destroying, it kills initiative".

Dr Ciara Kelly, meanwhile, observed "I'm not quite sure why Enda has come out with this... they're going to win anyway. Fine Gael are going to be back in power - that's a given. This is another 'Enda-ism' I think that he feels he has to over-egg the pudding.

"I don't think though this is a good idea - I don't agree for a moment that we should slash the public services, our social services are on their knees as it is... I also think as the single biggest employer in the State, just letting loads of public servants go is not necessarily a good thing either, because it will affect our employment figures... I don't think we can afford to this, frankly".

Meanwhile, a very different article in The Sunday Times argues that "Dublin needs to smarten up its tatty sense of style". Writer Graham Hickey argues that there's no control over shop, restaurant and barfronts in the capital city, leading to a tatty appearance.

Bernice explained "this is a think piece. He comes to some recommendations at the end. He says - and I don't know how popular this would be - that we need a tourist accommodation tax, and that that money would be spent on historic [buildings]".

Ciara was not fond of the article, suggesting it was "incredibly snobby... I've been in European cities where they're very uniform and beautiful and all that - there's something a bit boring and bland about it".

And Ciara herself features in the papers today, with the news that she will be joining George Hook in launching a very special song on The Right Hook tomorrow. "It's just a bit of a hoot," she stressed.

You can listen to the full Paper Review below: