Average of one woman killed in Ireland every month, according to report

A documentary aired last night reporting that seven women are killed every month in the UK

A documentary aired in the UK last night concerning the issue of domestic violence and women. Entitled Love You To Death, it went behind some of the figures around women who have died in the UK at the hands of a partner, ex-partner or husband.

The film featured a roll call of all the women killed by their male partner or ex-partner in the course of one calendar year.

Of the 164 women murdered in Britain in 2013, 86 were killed by their male partner or ex-partner. The film named all 86 women and, through interviews with families, friends and neighbours, tells the stories of seven of them in detail.

With this in mind, Newstalk obtained some of the figures concerning domestic violence in Ireland from Women's Aid who tweeted the names of women who have died by the hands of their partners.

Since 1996, there have been 209 women murdered in the Republic of Ireland. 131 women (62%) were killed in their own homes.

In the resolved cases, 86 women (55%) were murdered by a partner or ex-partner.

A further 53 (34 %) were killed by someone they knew (e.g. brother, son, neighbour, acquaintance). Thus, a total of 139 women
(89%) were killed by someone known to them.

In all of the resolved cases, 99% of perpetrators were male and 1% was female.

In 2013 in particular, the year the Love You To Death documentary concerned, there were nine women noted as being victim to homicide.

Where there has been a trial, six women were murdered by men with whom they were or had been in an intimate relationship. In one case the victim’s husband has been charged and awaits trial for murder.

If you've been affected, please call the Women's Aid Helpline on 1800 341 900.