What's on the agenda for EU leaders in Brussels today?

Possible Brexit, Ibrahim Halawa and the latest on refugee crisis

A two-day summit of EU leaders gets under way today, where top of the agenda is the specific detail from David Cameron regarding the UK’s proposals for a renegotiated relationship with the EU.
A final decision has to be made by February, as the UK moves towards a referendum in late summer, early autumn of next year.
This morning, Shona Murray reported on the event from Brussels.
What is David Cameron likely to say and how will he be received?
This is to be summit of “frank and honest” exchanges, where all details of the UK’S bid to curb next migration in to the EU by other EU citizens is to be laid bare.

Cameron will face a very tough audience where eastern EU countries in particular will deeply oppose his points of view, and where traditional Europhiles will accuse him of undermining the principle of freedom of movement by inserting strict conditions.
Shona spoke to UK Ambassador to Ireland Dominic Chilcott who told her that the UK hopes to curb the number of EU migrants by only allowing them access to generous benefits after four years of residency, as opposed to immediately which is the way it is now.
On top of the above, the leaders are expected to discuss the latest on the refugee crisis including the fact that security at Schengen is going to be agreed to be stepped up. There’s quite a bit of disquiet over the fact that some countries are taking more refugees than others, and there is talk of greater forces manning the border of Europe. 
Ibrahim Halawa
Finally, the European Parliament is tabling a motion on Ibrahim Halawa.
The European Parliament has agreed to table an urgent motion for resolution next week calling for the release of Ibrahim Halawa.
The resolution, authored by Mr Kelly, is expected to be debated by the entire European Parliament before a vote on the text on Thursday.
You can listen to Shona's report below: