The Evening Top 5: Dublin to welcome McGregor home; US granted extradition of Irishman

The top stories of the day

Irish man described as 'world's largest facilitator of child porn' to appeal extradition

A Dubliner accused of advertising and distributing child pornography in the US is set to appeal the High Court's decision to extradite him.

Eric Eoin Marques is accused of setting up a hosting site that allowed over a hundred websites post videos and images of child abuse.

The FBI says they believe Mr Marques is “the world’s largest facilitator of child porn”.

The 30-year-old, with an address at Mountjoy Square in Dublin, is wanted in the US where he could be jailed for the rest of his natural life if convicted.

'Rugby World Cup' is most searched Google term of the year

'Rugby World Cup 2015' was the most Googled term in Ireland this year.

The search engine this morning released details of the most popular search terms of 2015.

UFC champion Conor McGregor topped the trending chart for sportspeople.

The late Charlie Haughey was the top trending politician - beating Leo Varadkar and Donald Trump.

The Google year in Search list also shows a preoccupation with global issues: the Paris attacks, Charlie Hebdo as well as the death of Karen Buckley in Scotland and the health of NBA star Lamar Odom were all top search terms.

Argos becomes latest retailer to pull hoverboards from shelves

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says there is an onus on retailers and importers to ensure that the products they sell meet Irish safety standards.

Argos has confirmed it has 'temporarily withdrawn' the sale of hoverboards while it carries out additional testing to ensure all products meet safety standards.

The retailer says due to concerns - raised by Trading Standards - it has decided to undertake additional testing on the 'Nevaboard' product, which it sells exclusively in Ireland.

TD gets early Christmas holiday, after being booted out of the Dáil

A Labour TD has been given an early Christmas holiday, after he was booted out of the Dáil for misbehaviour.

Michael McNamara refused to honour a demand from the the Ceann Comhairle to keep quiet, as the Dáil debated its own 'order of business'.

It is the second time the TD has been kicked out for misbehaviour.

This means he now serves a two-day suspension instead of one.

Conor McGregor to be honoured by Dublin City Council in January

Earlier today, we told you about a petition set up to give Conor McGregor a homecoming in Dublin.

It looks like Dublin City Council have listened to the cries of the public as Lord Mayor of Dublin Criona Ni Dhalaigh has announced that the UFC Featherweight Champion is to be honoured next month.