The Samaritans answered a call every single minute last year

Its helpline has seen a 60% increase in calls since 2014

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Samaritans launch free-to-call number in 2014 | Image:

There has been a 30% increase in the number of people calling the Samaritans over the past year.

The organisation says it shows that people are more willing to talk about their mental health and to look for help.

The Samaritans answered a phone call every single minute of the last year.

Executive director of Samaritans Ireland, Catherine Brogan, says people are more comfortable talking about their mental health - which has partly led to the increase in calls.

"The realisation with people is that all of us have mental health, as well as physical health - and that all of us have good and bad days".

"And that it's like a continuum, depending on what's happening in your life at any particular time - what events are going on, what stresses and strains are there - and how we're able to meet those demands that are placed on us" she added.

Colm Kelly, who is involved in the MoJo listening project in Dublin, says that men in particular need to learn to talk more.

The Samaritans can be contacted by calling 116 123, emailing or visit their website