Minister wants people to earn money from renewable energy resources in their community

The government's energy white paper recognises the limited life of fossil fuels

The Energy Minister says he wants to see more people have a financial stake in the development of renewable energy such as windfarms and solar across the country.

Alex White's launched a discussion document with ideas about how to largely removing fossil fuels from energy production by 2050, in order to make the country carbon free by the end of the century.

He says everyone will have to change the way we live our lives, and admits that large scale windfarms will have to be developed.

Minister White says community involvement in this will be key:

"Community involvement should also be, where we can do it, a community stake - including an actual financial stake. Great opportunities there, I've seen it in Scotland, Denmark, New Zealand - all over the world. People can have community and cooperative involvement where people literally have skin in the game."