"It's Star Wars Day - I heard you sigh" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...

It's Star Wars Day - film number seven is going on release at midnight tonight in Irish cinemas.

Breakfast presenter Chris Donoghue warned Ivan Yates that he will be a little fragile tomorrow morning because he is going to a midnight screening of the film.

Ivan failed to understand the excitement surrounding the event.

To the papers, and on the front pages: 

The IFA story is big on all the papers, the headline in the The Irish Independent: "Golden handshakes and huge pay in IFA".

All the papers are also covering the story of the death of John Dineen, actress Michelle Dockery's fiance.

The Irish Times has: "Minister's reject HSE plan over medical cards" - 125,000 people are to lose their medical cards, but the government has voiced concerns.

Their second story: "Bishop treated as a scapegoat in abuse report", that story about the funeral of auxiliary bishop of Dublin Dermot O'Mahony yesterday.

The Irish Examiner goes with: "Kenny, no levy to pay for flood insurance". The government has rejected any proposals to replicate a British system whereby homeowners pay a levy for their counterparts who live in flood prone areas, thereby ensuring that everyone has access to protection.

Also in that paper: "Landmark Cabinet decision backs drug injection centres".

That story in The Herald: "Injection centres get green light".

The Irish Daily Mail: "€19 million budget for election wipeout - taxpayers will be hit with the bill for pay-offs as an exodus of 100 politicians are expected".

The Sun: "Foxhunt" - gardaí are looking for Dessie O'Hare once again.

Inside the papers:

Amazon has told people to dispose of hoverboards, over safety fears - some of them are known to have gone on fire. Hoverboards are legal to buy, but in Ireland the Department of Transport has said it is not legal to use them on public paths or roads. That story is in The Daily Telegraph.

The Irish Times has the story of an original copy of the proclamation that sold at Sotheby's for £305,000 yesterday.

The UN wants to protect hurling according to The Irish Independent, along with a Mongolian coaxing ritual for camels and the Mediterranean diet.

The Irish Examiner, and lots of the other papers, are covering Google top searches for the year - The Rugby World Cup took the top spot there. Searches for Karen Buckley and Paris also featured highly.

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