The top five: €8m allocated for flood clean-up; Officials defend closing LA public schools

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Officials defend closing Los Angeles public schools after "credible threat"

Officials in Los Angeles have defended a decision to close the nation's second largest school district after receiving a "rare threat", apparently from an overseas email account.

The threat involving backpacks and "other packages" was made against "not one, but many schools" in the district, LA Schools Superintendent Ramon Cortines said.

IFA report reveals Pat Smith earned €3.4m in the past seven years

The Former General Secretary of the Irish Farmers' Association , Pat Smith earned €3.4m in the past seven years in pay and pension contributions.

A report into pay and governance at the IFA is recommending that an external expert look at top salaries and that the President should not be involved in setting pay.

EU unveils plans for new border force

The EU has unveiled plans for a new border force with a "right to intervene" without a country's consent.

The 1,500-strong unit would step in when countries failed to control their borders, when they were overwhelmed or when they were simply "unwilling" to act.

€8m allocated to local authorities for flood clean-up

€8m in government funding is being allocated to Local Authorities to help the cost of the clean-up in communities hit by flooding.

For the first time in two weeks, National Emergency Co-ordination group reported that water levels along the River Shannon have not risen.

Right2Water will hold next National Day of Protest on January 23rd

Brendan Ogle has revealed the next Right2Water National Day of Protest will be held on January 23rd.

The activist and trade unionist also revealed there will be several other events in the run-up to next year's general election.