Airport passengers reminded not to wrap Christmas gifts

EU liquid restriction regulations are also still in place

Dublin Airport, Christmas, travel advice, gifts, wrapping, Siobhan O'Donnell

Image: Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is asking passengers not to gift wrap presents if they are carrying them in hand luggage at the security screening area this Christmas.

Airport spokesperson Siobhán O'Donnell says: "Many passengers take a lot of time to carefully wrap Christmas gifts for family and friends overseas. We would ask them not to wrap these gifts otherwise they may be disappointed if they are requested to open them at the passenger security screening area".

Passengers are advised to pack gifts in bottles or containers measuring more than 100ml into their checked in luggage.

The airport is also reminding passengers that the EU liquid restriction regulation is still in place.

It adds that these security measures are in place to improve passenger safety at the airport and ensure compliance with EU and Irish aviation security regulations.

A full list of prohibited items for checked in and hand luggage can be found here.