"Everybody likes to urinate on Donald Trump" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan Yates and Shane Coleman take a look at the morning papers

Airlines have introduced a below economy class, offering the poorest quality but best priced seats.

"Last class" passengers will not be allowed to look for refunds, sit near a window or choose your seat in advance.

Breakfast presenters Ivan Yates felt sure that co-host Chris Donoghue, who is off today, was probably being accommodated in such a level of non-style on his flight.

The Irish Daily Mail meanwhile describes the top bug-bears when flying - reclining seats, talkative fellow passengers and noisy kids.

The Irish Times leads with: "Hospitals set to miss patient waiting time targets."

The Irish Examiner says: "70% of burglars re-offend after jail releases" within three years.

The Irish Independent has: "Now focus shifts to executive pay deals in the IFA" - that story says several members of the association's executive are on basic salaries of more than €160,000 a year.

The Daily Mail leads with the story of model Georgia Salpa's twin boys: "Surrogate mum had Georgia's babies".

The Star goes with: "Man stabbed brother five times, then killed himself".

The Daily Mirror goes with the floods.

The Sun goes with: "Was and blow", this the story of a domestic appliance kitchen blaze horror.

And in The Herald, a weapons haul has been found near to where garda Adrian Donohoe was shot dead in Co Louth.

Inside the papers:

Ivan's eye was caught by Donald Trump's scantily clad wife in The Sun: "You can't argue with one thing, he has a hottie wife" the presenter said.

And The Star says tomorrow, December 16th, is the worst date to celebrate a birthday. 

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