Councillor defends politicians who fail to fill in property declarations correctly

Councillor Dermot Lacey says "there's no point in hiding your family home" as the details are already on many records

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A Dublin City Councillor has defended politicians who fail to fill in their property declarations properly.

Dermot Lacey says most Councillors think their family home does not need to be included on forms.

His comments follow an RTE investigation which exposed County Councillors allegedly accepting bribes and failing to declare a range of assets and business interests.

Fianna Fáil's Joe Queenan has resigned from his party in the wake of the programme, but several others who featured in the show have defended their behaviour.

Councillor Dermot Lacey says he condemns any form of corruption, but thinks the forms can be confusing.

Speaking on Talking Point with Sarah Carey this morning, Councillor Lacey explained that "the problem is - and I'm one of those people by the way, and I've soon to rectify it - that every Councillor that I've spoken to bar one were advised by their county officials that their family home did not come under the heading on the form.

"There's no point in hiding your family home - it's on dozens of other Council records across the country. People took that question to mean a development land site," he added.