Think tank calls for monitoring how social welfare money is spent

The right-wing Hibernia Forum has backed up David Norris's earlier calls for a ban on spending welfare payments on alcohol

Think tank calls for monitoring how social welfare money is spent

A drinks fridge in a Dublin off licence | Brian Lawless / PA Archive/Press Association Images

A right-wing think-tank has suggested that job-seekers should be questioned on how they spend their welfare payments.

The claim comes from the Hibernia Forum, in reaction to comments from David Norris - who earlier today told Newstalk he believes people on welfare should not be allowed buy drink with money from social welfare payments.

Eamon Delaney of the Hibernia Forum has agreed with Mr Norris, and has said the spending of welfare payments should be open to scrutiny by the State.

“You’re called in, in the same way as a job seeker officer would ask you how many jobs did you apply for,” he said.

“Maybe they should be looking at how did you spend money by the State, which is taxpayers’ money.

“Maybe too much was spent in Paddy Power, maybe too much was spent in the pub? Elements of that could certainly be introduced,” he added.

Mr Norris’s comments have been criticised by the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed, which says the unemployed use their limited cash for good reasons.