"Don't swim in the sea!" - The 15 best videos of 2015

They made us laugh and cry but they definitely provoked an emotion!

"Don't swim in the sea!" - The 15 best videos of 2015

Image: RTE Ten/Twitter

It's probably time to admit that without viral videos, our lives would be so much duller.

Viral is a media term that grates against most people but these videos from 2015 certainly fall into the category of viral. They made made us laugh, they made us cry and they were everywhere. 

Here's our top ten.


Just recently, the biggest viral video of the year made an appearance. Teresa Mannion, coming from storm torn Salthill nearly blew away and had the entire country in convulsions.

2. The Heartbreaker

There were many Christmas adverts this year that broke our hearts but this was most certainly top of the list. His own funeral!

3. Marty McFly and Doc Brown

In Back to the Future, the year Marty McFly travelled to was none other than 2015. Celebrations everywhere.

4. Robert Downey Jr walks out of an interview

There's one thing that was very clear from this interview. Robert Downey Jr does not like talking about those drug problems.

5. I'm so excited!

Cast of Game of Thrones... so excited. Maybe not the millions of them who died though.

6. Carpool Karaoke with Stevie Wonder

There were quite a number of James Corden carpool videos knocking around over the last few months but Stevie Wonder was most certainly our favourite.

7. He's back

Marketing win of the year? Absolutely.

8. The Madonna

Alright, this did actually look pretty painful but it was funny too, right? 

9. Brad Pitt's singing lessons

Can't pronounce David Oyelowo? Let Brad help you out.

10. Lip Syncing

Lip syncing became the "thing" of 2015 and there were a lot of celebrities who helped Jimmy Fallon out with his cause. None were better than Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

11. Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets

The Obama edition of Mean Tweets easily made it into one of the most viral videos of 2015.

12. Vote With Us

During the Marriage Referendum, we saw quite a number of heartfelt pleas for people to Vote Yes. This was one of the most beautiful.

13. Celebrate Good Times

Galway hurling. We'll say no more.


Meet my father, Galway's no.1 supporter #galway #semifinal #2015 #champions

Posted by Linda Cumiskey on Sunday, 16 August 2015

14. Parody Central

Drake released this video for Hotline Bling. Within hours, there were parodies everywhere. Literally everywhere.

15. The Depp

It's almost impossible to pick one from the hundreds of thousands of videos of people doing nice things for other people but we really feel that Johnny Depp nailed it here.

And here's a collection of some of those videos: