"Stick the lollipop in your gob, and don't shout" - The newspaper review

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...

Mayo County Council has become the latest local authority to offer late night revellers lollipops for their walk home.

The sucky sweets will have road safety messages printed on them, but it is more an exercise in public order.

Other authorities have found that if you give people who have been out lollipops to lick on their way home from the niteclub they are less likely to make noise and disturb residents.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Independent has: "No end in sight", along with an aerial photograph of a flooded nursing home in Foxford in Co Mayo that had to be evacuated during this week's rainstorm.

All the papers have that story.

The Irish Times: "Crime cases dismissed over delays in searching computers" - that story about a four year backlog described by the garda inspectorate in a report it published yesterday.

The Irish Examiner: "Calling time on binge drinking - price hikes for wines, spirits and beers."

Independent TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly were arrested and imprisoned yesterday over the non-payment of a fine. That story gets coverage in all the papers this morning. "Taking the Mick" is what The Sun says.

The Irish Daily Mail: "Minister's brother sexually assaulted schoolgirl in shop" - that story from Galway Circuit Criminal Court about John Ring.

The Mirror has another astonishing aerial photograph from Ballyhaunis, again in Co Mayo.

The Daily Star and The Herald go with survivor Siobhán Phillips' story. She was the girlfriend of Adrian Crevan Mackin, who shot Garda Tony Golden dead in Co Louth earlier this year: "Our miracle - amazing recovery from gun attack" and "Miracle, our girl survived" the headlines there.

It's Thursday, which means The Farmer's Journal. The headline in that paper: "ABP to control 30% of the national kill".

Presenter Chris Donoghue was mortified for the Croatian politician whose pants fell down while accepting an award yesterday. That is pictured in The Irish Daily Mirror, and other papers.

Seven beagle puppies have been born in the US after scientists used IVF to impregnate a dog with the genes of three different parents - that is in The Irish Examiner, and other papers.

Co-presenter Ivan Yates was concerned with figures that indicate Ireland is falling out of love with turkeys, coverage of that in The Star. Bord Bia says consumers are making other choices for Christmas Day.

After failing to do so the other day, the Cabinet has approved the bankruptcy Bill over the phone. Chris was unimpressed.

Ivan was similarly unimpressed by Time magazine's decision to make German Chancellor Angela Merkel Person of the Year for her work on the migration crisis.

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