WATCH: Hugh McElvaney gets the Macarena remix

'Heyyyyyy McElvaney' looks set to be the only political floor-filler worth talking about this Christmas

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Hugh McElvaney seen on a hidden camera requesting payment for securing planning permission Image: RTE/Epic News with Peter & Chris

Last night former Fine Gael councillor Hugh McElvaney, from Monaghan, was shown on RTE asking for £10,000 in exchange for aiding a developer get planning permission to build wind farms.

The report - part of RTE's ‘Standards in Public Life’ investigation that showed a number of politicians engaged in similar behaviour - has understandably caused outrage over the conduct of public officials, with debate raging over punishment and prevention of rogue politicians in Irish political life.

And with the outrage has come the ridicule. Irish comedy duo Epic News with Peter & Chris have gifted us a 90s pop twist on McElvaney’s deeds – the Macarena layered ‘Heyyyyy McElvaney (REMIX)’...

Heyyyyy McElvaney (REMIX) - the hottest new track for stuffing your pockets with cash lads..

Posted by Epic News with Peter & Chris on Tuesday, 8 December 2015