Eleven dogs rescued from 'squalor' conditions in Co Tipperary

One dog was found with a heavy chain embedding into her neck

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This dog was found chained in muddy conditions | Image: ISPCA

Eleven dogs have been rescued by the ISPCA after living in unsuitable conditions at a property in Tipperary.

Many of the dogs - including seven puppies - had no access to water, food or adequate shelter, and were living in muddy conditions.

One of the female German shepherd dogs was discovered with a heavy chain attached to her, which had begun to embed itself into her neck.

There was also a heavily pregnant German shepherd found tied to a tractor with no shelter and no access to water.

Five puppies were discovered confined to a run with no food or water, and had minimal access to shelter.

A further two puppies were found in a pen filled with hazardous objects - including old machinery - and little room to move around.

All the dogs were surrendered to the care of the ISPCA and are receiving vet treatment and assessments.

Another of the animals found | Image: ISPCA

ISPCA inspector Alice Lacey said: "The living conditions these dogs were being kept in were completely unacceptable".

"With the winter months coming in, the health and welfare of the dogs would have been severely compromised without adequate shelter, food and water".

"Thankfully, all the dogs are now receiving the vet treatment they need, and the pregnant dog is now in a safe and suitable environment for her and her puppies".

The ISPCA says that despite their ordeal, the dogs all have lovely temperaments and following appropriate treatment and rehabilitation will be available to be responsibly re-homed.

The pregnant dog, Zara, gave birth to six puppies at the ISPCA National Animal Centre recently.

She and her puppies are said to be doing great, and will be available for adoption in a few months once they are old enough.