WATCH: Eagles of Death Metal join U2 on stage in Paris

It was the US band's first time on stage since the Bataclan massacre

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Image: Facebook/Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles of Death Metal have joined U2 on stage in an emotional return to Paris, after the massacre at the Bataclan concert hall which killed 90 people.

"They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight," said frontman Bono as he hugged the band's lead singer Jesse Hughes.

The crowd cheered and sang along as the two groups joined together for a version of Patti Smith song 'People Have The Power'.

U2 then left the stage and the American band performed 'I Love You All The Time', telling the crowd: "Thank you Paris - we love you. We will never give up rocking and rolling".

Their poignant performance took place at the AccorHotels Arena on the banks of the River Seine - not far from the 11th arrondissement.

It was the first time since Eagles of Death Metal had taken to a stage since the Bataclan became one of several venues hit by shootings and bombings in a co-ordinated attack.

Following their appearance, the US rock band released a statement on Facebook, and said "music will always overcome terror and evil".

They wrote: "We want to offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything our brothers in U2 did for us in the aftermath of the November 13 attacks".

"They reminded us that the bad guys never take a day off, and therefore we rock 'n rollers cannot either... and we never will".

"We look forward to fighting the good fight on many more fronts very soon, especially when we pick up our tour in 2016".

During an interview with Vice News, Eagles of Death Metal said they were "counting down the days" until they could finish their gig in the French capital, with Hughes expressing hope his band will be the first to play inside the Bataclan when it re-opens.

U2 had previously canceled gigs in the wake of the Paris attacks - and first returned to the stage on Sunday night.

In the days following the November 13th attacks, the band laid flowers in tribute to the 130 victims who lost their lives.

Bono and his bandmates had dropped hints last week about "special guests" joining them on stage at the rescheduled concerts.

During Sunday's concert, the frontman told the 16,000-capacity arena: "We're in Paris - feels like the whole world is in Paris. We are all Parisiennes tonight".

A new song was played during each gig - 'Streets of Surrender (SOS)' - which was written following the massacre.