PTSB accused of paying staff secret bonuses

The bank is said to have made payments of up to €10,000 to retain key workers

It has been confirmed that Permanent TSB has been making payments which have been described as "bonuses" to key members of staff.

The Irish Independent reports that a select group of staff have received payments of up to 11% on top of their regular salaries in a bid to retain certain individuals. The total number of people receiving these payments is believed to be close to 100.

Unions say that they were unaware that these additional payments were given to staff.

The paper quotes an "insider" as saying that, "At a recent staff-management meeting staff angrily confronted senior management, who would neither confirm nor deny that some of their fellow employees were in receipt of a pay increase."

PTSB was bailout by the Irish State during the financial crisis when €2.7bn was pumped into the struggling bank.

The bank maintains that these are standard payments and that they are not bonuses.

"In line with industry practice and in exceptional cases, the group may review the salary of a staff member with specialist skills, where it has been identified that they were being paid below-market rates or had taken on changed/new responsibilities," it said, defending the payments.

Regional organiser with Unite trade union, Richie Browne was unaware that these payments were being made, "It is news to me that these top-ups are being paid. They look like bonuses," he said.

These reports come weeks after it was revealed that similar payments were made to workers in the Central Bank.