"If your router is near the fish tank your wifi could suffer" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...

The highlight of Ivan Yates' weekend was Teresa Mannion's report on Storm Desmond from Salthill in Galway for RTÉ.

"She nearly completely lost it" the former politician said. But Chris Donoghue disagreed: "That's pure professionalism".

Looking at the front pages of the papers this morning:

The Irish Independent leads with: "Now bailed out bank is paying secret bonuses - around 100 people are getting top-ups", that story on Permanent TSB from finance expert Charlie Weston.

The Irish Examiner: "Inquiry advises taking ECB to court", a story concerning the latest on the Banking Inquiry.

The Irish Times has a report from a group of 21 NGOs who are not happy with us on our refugee intake - they want us to accept 22,000 people. We are accepting 4,000 people.

The Irish Daily Mail:"Scandal of the Councillors who seek out bribes" - that story from RTÉ, which set up a fake sheikh scenario to flush out Councillors who would accept bribes for fictional wind farm applications. That investigation to be televised tonight.

The Sun: "Gun not prayer terror" - a church gathering of 65 people in Ballymun yesterday had a gun pointed at them.

The Irish Daily Star: "Miracle rescue - group hit be monster wave - boy and girl saved by chopped."

The Herald: "Face to face with crazed terrorist - a young Irish woman has told of the terrifying moment she came face-to-face with the man at the centre of the London tube terror attack."

The Irish Daily Mirror: "Ronnie (68) to be a father of twins".

Ivan thinks you should have your kids in your 20s or 30s, but he knows a family with older parents where it works well. His final analysis: "If there is enough money, it's alright".

The Irish Daily Mail has a report that goldfish mess with your wifi. If your router is near the fish tank your signal could suffer apparently.

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